A Message from the Chairman

The Sheffield Conservative Federation continues to go from strength to strength with membership continually increasing to its highest for a number of years. This is despite the continuing Covid 19 pandemic and the consequently difficult decisions that our Conservative Government is having to make. I am pleased to report that our new Young Conservatives group is flourishing and receptive to new members. We also have an outstanding candidate for next Year’s Police and Crime Commissioner in David Chinchen, a former Chief Superintendent in the Metropolitan Police Service.

Over the last few weeks, and following Government Covid guidelines, we have cautiously started active leaflet campaigning again in various parts of the City. Although direct contact with the public is prohibited it is good to be once again in touch because Sheffield needs political change.

If you would like to help locally by delivering leaflets, working with social media, helping with administration, or even standing for Council, then please let us know because any extra assistance would be much appreciated. I can personally recommend leafleting since it is a great way of keeping fit ! Please contact us if you would like to become involved, join the Party and become part of the Team.

Meanwhile please follow Government guidelines and stay safe.

Best wishes,

Richard H. Blyth 

Chairman  Sheffield Conservative Federation