Sheffield Conservatives Announce Local Priorities

In the upcoming local elections, the Conservatives will be campaigning across Sheffield to bring fresh, new ideas to the council.

For too long Labour and the Liberal Democrats have passed power between themselves, but nothing has improved for the people of this city.

With the Conservatives, Sheffield Council will:

  • make our city greener and cleaner - with more trees, but less litter and graffiti
  • support more better performing and more disciplined schools for our young people
  • attract investment, opportunities, and jobs to our city
  • work with central government to secure extra funding - to increase home recycling and improve our parks
  • ensure better value for money from Town Hall finances, with no more pet political projects
  • help Sheffield's shops and businesses, reversing unfriendly road layouts and excessive parking charges.

We will have candidates standing to represent you in all parts of the city. Only by voting for the Conservatives can you ensure a brighter future for Sheffield.