A Thank You From Laurence Smith

I would like to thank the 552 who voted for me in the by-election in Beighton.

Unfortunately it was not enough to be elected, however it was a real privilege to stand for such an excellent community.

I said during the election that A conservative voice would put deals that benefit local people above Labour council rivalries and provide badly needed scrutiny to an otherwise disjointed council and I stand by those words.

Sheffield is in desperate need of Conservative representation on Sheffield City Council and I will continue to fight to ensure that this happens.

The Conservatives do have a chance in Sheffield, we saw in the General Election that our vote share went up in every single constituency and was 31.5% in Sheffield South East. We need to continue to prove to people that we care about Sheffield and that we are the change that the city desperately needs.

Laurence Smith

Conservative Candidate for Beighton